Gravitas WINS

Series of FREE webinars to accelerate your career with WINS (wealth, insights, network, self-care) framework.

What others are saying


Joseph made me realize the importance and effectiveness of a coach. His story-telling proficiency is amazing and he uses this skill to explain complex business questions in its simplest form. His structured thinking is evident in the way he organized the Gravitas WINS course.

- Ananthakrishnan N, Technology Manager in a large MNC

Webinar Sessions

What happens after the webinars?

You can buy each episode video along with transcript, worksheets for Rs 1000 (approx $14).

Alternatively, join the community to access all resources for a monthly subscription of Rs 800 (approx $10) or an annual subscription of Rs 8000 (approx $100). Subscription includes videos, transcripts, worksheets, and monthly coaching calls.

Disclaimer: This free webinar is not for everyone

This webinar will give you practical steps to change your life and career. Your results will depend on your commitment to a roadmap and ability to work along those guidelines. If you are not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN-UP FOR THIS SERIES.