Gravitas WINS

Get to the top. Stay on top.

Those who have gravitas attract dollars, opportunities, positions, and esteem.
Learn how to gain gravitas in this practical course.

Course Contents


Introduction to Gravitas WINS

Gravitas attracts dollars, opportunities, position, and esteem. Find out the building blocks of gravitas.


Build a digital brain

Your brain is good at generating ideas, not storing them. Learn how to build a digital brain to store, retrieve, and link ideas.


Build your vision

Vision gives us hope when going gets tough. Build a vision that brings the best of you and empowers the world around you.


Turn your vision to action

Building a vision is just a start. Learn to execute your vision incrementally and iteratively with a 12-week sprint.


Benefit from Insights

To stand out from the crowd you need insights. Generate useful insights with "Consume, Produce, Engage" framework.


Structured thinking

Fundamental requirement for solving any problem is structured thinking. Learn a methodology facilitating to do just that.


Let network work for you

Your success depends on the number of people who want you to succeed. How will you keep that number high all the time?


Think like wealthy

If you don't own assets, you can't become wealthy. Learn how differently wealthy think.


Stay on top with self-control

Building wealth, insights, and network will get you to the top. Discover how you can build self-control so you can stay on top.

Next batch starts on January 16th

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Course Information

The course is 5-week-long, starting in January 16th delivered via Zoom. We’ll meet every Saturday for 2 hours between 5 pm to 7 pm IST.

Each Saturday we will cover two topics.
Each topic will consist of three main sections:
Lecture: A 45-min session of diving deep into the topic
Q&A: A 15-min session of Q & A clearing doubts or discussing implementations of the topic discussed
Worksheets: You'll have to complete worksheets for each topic before the next session.

Recordings of the sessions will be available for those who miss some sessions.

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I got into IIM, Kozhikode because of Gravitas WINS

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need to take the course? You'll need just a computer and internet connection. We'll connect using zoom app, so download the app.
Can I sample the course? Absolutely. Join the first day of the course (on Nov 21st). If you are not convinced by the end of the first session, ask for refund. I'll refund the entire fee without any delay or question.
What is your refund policy? You can request for refund until the first day of the session (Nov 21st). I'll refund the fee without any deduction.
What if I was not able to attend few sessions? Life happens. I understand. You'll get recordings of each session. You also get free pass to every subsequent batches. So you can catch up either via recordings or by attending subsequent batches.
Can I pay via bank transfer? I use Razorpay for the payment. They accept payments via credit cards, netbanking, UPI, and so on.
I still have questions. How to ask? Send an email with your questions to [email protected]